About Niralee

I’m an ACA Chartered Accountant with a Masters in Pure Maths with an obsession for numbers, Excel and building muscle (on a vegetarian diet). After qualifying as an accountant I pursued my curiosity to work in start-ups and never looked back since.

I spent just over 5 years as Head of Finance then COO of a marketing agency which laid the groundwork for my career in helping start-ups scale. I then moved on to work as CFO/COO of various start-ups in tech and e-commerce where I honed my skills in fundraising and automating the finance function.

Working for these wonderful start-ups made my passion for getting start-ups “scale-ready”. The two things I love most are building detailed and thorough business models that can stand up to the scrutiny of VCs and finding ways to automate finance processes and systems, making them more efficient than before I came in.

Doing this in a few places made me realise that in a start-up the role of a CFO is not always an intense full time one.

So I set up a consultancy specialising in preparing start-ups and SMEs for scale. I step in when you need me eg. when fundraising or needing to implement robust finance processes, and I step away or reduce my time when you don’t.